Vinyl Windows



PROFILINK has embraced quality as its strategy for further development. To achieve this aim, we make use of state-of-the-art equipment and technologies at all stages of the production process. That fact makes us confident to maintain that all our products meet the highest quality requirements.
PROFILINK is striving all the time to renovate and develop its corporate elements. This way we can always be well prepared to face any challenge – from the latest production technology to the most modern market trends.
The quality of our products and the trustworthy attitude to our partners lie in the basis of our success. This proven formula is the reason why today PROFILINK ranks amongst the major and most respected European manufacturers of PVC profiles for windows and doors. Thus, our tendency for still growing share in the market goes together with the intense expansion of our production capacity.
Production technologies
Our extruding machines for PVC profiles are made by leading companies in that industrial branch. These high technology machines ensure the precision of technological process applied in the extrusion of PVC profiles and also the remarkable output power.

Quality Control
As an extra guarantee for our customers, PROFILINK follows an internal corporate standard, which is based on the international standard RAL. The quality inspections performed in PROFILINK laboratories go through three stages:
– Incoming control of raw materials
– Ongoing control of the production process
– Outgoing control of the finished products
Only the products which have successfully passed the tests and meet the international standards are shipped to customers.



The Salamander profiles are manufactured exclusively in Germany by Salamander Industrie Produkte GmbH with a constantly controlled quality in conformity with the German standard. The Salamander Industrie Produkte GmbH does not outsource and maintains its own production which preserves the quality and the authenticity of the German Know-How standard. The Profile is of class A with thickness of the wall 3 mm providing stability to the profile and strength to the construction of the window. SALAMANDER profiles are made according to special recipe for achieving perfectly smooth and brilliant white surface. The special coating and glossy surface hinder the accumulation of dust and facilitate the cleaning. The reinforcement in the profile – the reinforcing metal has a thickness of 1.5 mm for white color and 2 mm for any other color- is a production of SALAMANDER. The rubber seals which ensure the hermetically tightness of the windows are also original and have an additional guarantee of 5 years. The casing embedded in the window frames is made by the company MACO – Austria, with an adjustable opportunity on all levels. The additionally installed anti-burglary casing provides extra security for the window frames. A micro ventilation mechanism is offered to control the indoor microclimate. The manufacturer offers systems of 5 and 6 chambers which are with an elegant round design and an extra seal against dust.

Installation of the window constructions is a technology produced by Salamander using mounting plates “anchors” that allow installation without having to drill the profiles and reinforcement, but provide security and solidity to the window, while also retaining the pressurization of the profile.

Glazings are with thickness of 24 mm; 32 mm; 40 mm; 48 mm; 52 mm composed of two or three panes. Guarantees: For window construction – 60 months; For seals – 60 months; For glazing – 60 months; For casing – 60 months