Terms and Conditions


Welcome to PVC-WEBSHOP the ONLINE place for PVC windows and doors with the best prices on the market. To use the services of our online shop you have to read and agree with the TERMS and CONDITIONS appointed here. That way, the Terms and Conditions section acts as a contract for online services between the client and PVC-WEBSHOP.COM


All the prices in our ONLINE shop are final and valid for the day of the purchase. The prices are in EURO and include VAT and transport delivery ONLY to the clients` front door. All the products ordered from PVC-WEBSHOP.COM will be delivered according the terms in section 5-DELIVERY.


PVC-WEBSHOP.COM has the right to collect and use information about their customers once they register. By expressing consent to these General Terms and Conditions, the client agrees the information for it to be handled as provided in the same manner. PVC-WEBSHOP.COM is obliged to keep and not to disclose the information provided by the customer during registration and constitute personal data under the Data Protection and use them only for servicing. The information provided by the customer is used for receiving and fulfilling orders, services and offers customization of promotional offers and customer contact for verification and enforcement of order. PVC-WEBSHOP.COM ensures that customer data will not be disseminated in any form to third parties or used for purposes other than those described above.


Ordering from our WEBSHOP is quickly and easily. Just follow the steps below:

4.1 Add products in the basket – Meet all the products of PVC-WEBSHOP.COM. The characteristics of each product are detailed. Weigh all the benefits and qualities of the different products. After you choose the brand and type profile, go to the online calculator where you have to apply the right sizes very carefully because it is the most important part of your order. We advise you to provide sizes taken by persons responsible for the installing the product. The product that you choose will be specially produced for you and according the sizes provided in the order from you and our WEBSHOP is not responsible for wrong applied sizes. If you are satisfied from your choice, click on “Buy Now”. Through this action, you add the product into your virtual basket and struck an agreement with the characteristics and parameters of the product. This does not mean that you buy it. Subsequently, you can change the quantity or remove it from the basket. Perform the same operation for other products you want to purchase.

4.2 See your virtual basket – in the upper right corner of your screen displays a picture of a basket. Click with the cursor on it. This action will take you to your basket. Here you can see all the products you have added. Through the delete button, you can remove a product from it. In your basket you can also change the quantity of the product you want. By default quantity is one.

4.3 Confirm your basket products – after you’ve added all the products you want, you need to confirm that you really want to buy these products. To confirm your basket, firstly it is necessary to place the agreement on the “I agree with the conditions.” With this action you sign a contract in case you place an order with us. To confirm your cart, you need to press the “Next Step”. With this action you agree to products which are described in the basket, as well as their quantity.

4.4 Enter your details – Please fill in all mandatory data that we need to produce and deliver your order. In case you want an invoice, please tick the button “I want an invoice” and fill in the required information. Your invoice will be sent by email. The next important thing to note is the “manner of payment”. Press the “Next Step”.

4.5 Place an order – to place an order with PVC-WEBSHOP.COM is necessary to press” Confirm “. With this action you send us your order and sign a supply contract under which the responsibilities of the parties take place. In a sign that your order is accepted, you will receive a message to your specified email.


The ordered products will be delivered within 15 workdays. In the event that order was made at the weekend or during holiday, the delivery period begins to run from the first working day following the day on which the order was made. PVC-WEBSHOP.COM reserves the right to extend the date for delivery in the event that the planned production interval gather a large number of weekends and holidays, as well as overload. For any extension of the deadline for delivery PVC-WEBSHOP.COM informs its customers two (2) calendar days before the date for delivery of your specified e-mail. The extension cannot be more than five (5) workdays. The goods are delivered suitably packed according to its type and transport supply. PVC-WEBSHOP.COM delivers its orders by courier or transport company, depending on current conditions and circumstances. Each Client is informed further on delivery. Delivery of all items in the platform is completely free for customers and at the expense of PVC-WEBSHOP.COM, except in cases of returning a product or when there is an additional agreement between the parties. All products are delivered to the ground floor or front door of the house/flat. We do NOT offer service UPLOAD.


We provide the following payment options:




The guarantee covers the following:

7.1 Glass – 5 years-for cases of depressurization

7.2 Casing and accessories-5 years. –only damages with the mechanism of two-plane opening, handle or hinge

7.3 Profiles and seals- 5 years

The guarantee is NOT valid in the following cases:

* Mechanical damage (broken glass, damaged profile)

* Wrong exploitation of the casing- rotating the handle in not-closed position of the wing

* In an attempt to repair the glass or the product using unqualified/ unauthorized people from us.

* Damages in cases of: fire, flood, natural disasters, etc.

The guarantee covers only the cost of the defected element in case of a manufacturing defect without delivery and installing expenses.

To take advantage of guarantee service, it is necessary to send us an email with the described problem and number of order. Within 48 hours our consultants will process your request and will contact you.


Every client who has bought a product from our online shop has the right of disclaimer within 24hours after the product delivery, sending us an email with personal information data, number of order and the accompanying documents of the goods. That`s why please do not throw away the goods documents.

Disclaimer made without these documents is NOT valid and PVC-WEBSHOP.COM is NOT responsible for that.

Ordered and delivered items can be returned to us only under the conditions from point 7.-see Guarantee section.

No refund is possible once after an order has already been placed- the products will be specially produced according your sizes.


When using e-shop, you are obliged to:

– Act in compliance with appointed provisions here;

– Act honestly to PVC-WEBSHOP and mostly to provide accurate and not misleading personal information.


For all interested parties we provide full legal information of the company operating this online shop.

Company Name: Stan73VOF
Address: the Netherlands, Amsterdam 1062KS, Koningin Wilhelminaplein 534
KvK number: 63227851
BTW number: 855146126B01
Bank Account details: ING Bank-IBAN: NL25 INGB0006857664
Email: pvc.onlineshop@gmail.com
Tel: 0031685850734; 0031685718430


This contact information could also be used in case of questions, errors and complaints. Please in cases of similar issues, inform us accordingly, as writing a brief description of the matter / problem on our email address.

Within 2 workdays our staff will contact you to set out all your questions and inaccuracies, as well as the methods for their removal.


In order to fulfill the commitments made for the production and the delivery of the assignments, PVC-WEBSHOP.com collects from its customers:

– Customer data required for delivery;

– Customer data needed for additional bonus registrations.

The data collected is used only for the purpose of manufacture and delivery of incoming orders. PVC-WEBSHOP provides Customer Data to third parties only in order to make delivery using company transport.

PVC-WEBSHOP does not collect or operate with:

– Card data – these data is accessed only by the operating bank;

– Authentication data – these data is accessed only by the bank issued the card.


PVC-WEBSHOP reserves the right to change these Terms or to issue a new version of the services within the online shop. The change will take effect from the date specified by PVC-WEBSHOP, the deadline cannot be shorter than seven (7) days from the time when the amended General Terms and Conditions are posted in the WEBSHOP.

Date of revision: January 2016